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Ultralux® I Light Box

Ultralux® I Light Box

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The only fully Dimmable Full Spectrum Light Box on the market! Comes with a FREE stand and five year warranty!
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  • Lightweight portable 9" x 11"x 3.5" light box that produces up to 10,000 lux of brilliant full spectrum light. (6-lbs)
  • Fully Dimmable from 100% to 5% using patented dimmable electronic ballast system.Why use a dimmable light box?
  • Recommended 10,000 lux treatment range 15", 5,000 lux treatment range 25"
  • Brings you the luxury of multiple lighting levels without turning off lamps in the fixture. This state of the art feature gives you glare free light with even intensity, instead of leaving one light on at 100% while switching others completely off. Most lights only offer one setting at 100% so you need to move the light box around to get the proper lighting levels.
  • State of the art electronic dimming ballast works with dimmer to give you flicker free light at all levels.
  • Safe to use with no ultra violet in the spectrum. Radiation-shielded and grounded to block cathode radiation.
  • Uses a state of the art dimmer control which gives you infinite settings of light from 5% to 100%. This is cutting edge technology for light therapy. Works great for any light application as well as a convenient desk lamp. This feature is only available from UltraLux™.
  • Comes complete with stand (Two legs as shown) a ($30.00 value) at no extra charge for a limited time.
  • UltraLux™ I light box uses 2- 42 watt electronic full spectrum lights.
  • Light box is fully portable and can also be mounted safely on any surface for use at work stations, computer areas, vanity areas and table top applications.
  • These state of the art lights also operate cooler and last longer than T-12 lamps which use more electricity.
  • Our advanced technology also uses a flicker free electronic ballast which operate cooler and last longer than standard magnetic ballast's while virtually eliminating electromagnetic radiation.
  • Complete with 18/3 gauge cord, six foot long.
  • This light box is a great value. We offer full dimming at the same prices others charge for a simple on off switch. Components used to dim fluorescent lamps cost three to four times more than a simple ballast and switch.
  • Comes with a full lifetime warranty on the fixture and two years on the bulbs. No extra charges!

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