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Recent Scientific Evidence Shows BlueMax Lighting Equivalent to Daylight

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Independent meter readings of natural sunlight were taken on a sunny day in Michigan on April 19th, 2005 at approximately 4:09pm. The sunlight readings were then compared to measurements of light emitted indoors from the BlueMax Desk Lamp (away from any sunlight) for comparison. The meter readings in the photographs below show that sunlight and BlueMax™ are essentially identical. The technical measurement equipment used was a cal-COLOR400 calibrated precision colormeter. The scientific instrument was calibrated against standards traceable to the National Institute of Standards & Technology on April, 7 2005. The results of the comparison:

Natural Sunlight
BlueMax™ Desk Lamp (a perfect match!)
  • Lux: 22,530 (±5%)

  • Kelvin Temperature: 5814k (±25k)

  • Chromacity coordinates: x=.3410 y=.3258 (±0.002)

  • Lux: 22,580 (±5%)

  • Kelvin Temperature: 5823k (±25k)

  • Chromacity coordinates: x=.3410 y=.3258 (±0.002)


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